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Doctoral Scholarships

CNRS-L/LAU PhD Award Program 2018-2019

As part of the agreement between the National Council for Scientific Research of the Lebanese Republic (CNRS-L) and the Lebanese American University (LAU) for the co-financing of doctoral studies, many doctoral fellowships will be awarded in 2018-2019.




These awards are exclusively for Lebanese students holding a Master's degree (or equivalent) recognized as such by the two institutions (CNRS-L and LAU). Considered eligible, Lebanese applicants under the age of 30, and having 14/20 (French grading system) or 85/100 (American grading system) as overall average in the Master’s degree (or equivalent).

Selection Criteria and Priorities for 2018-2019:


This year, the CNRS-L has set up new evaluation criteria in which all the indicators related to the candidate, the supervisor and the thesis proposal are considered. For example, the overall qualifications of the candidate and his/her academic background, the expertise of the supervisor and the coherence of his/her research activities, as well as the subject relevance to CNRS-L priorities (see the application annex) and its pertinence to societal challenges, are part of these indicators. Priority will be given to proposals related to a research project funded, partially or fully, by CNRS-L (GRP, ARU, CEDRE, CNRS-AUF, etc.). In addition, and in harmony with CNRS-L innovation policy, applied and innovative proposals will be strongly encouraged this year.


Finally, special attention in the evaluation process will be paid to matters of scientific ethics and integrity.
In addition to the eligibility conditions mentioned above, the CNRS-L Doctoral Fellowships are subject to the following restrictions:


  • The CNRS-L fellowship holder must not engage in any paid work and shall not receive additional grants from any other source than the CNRS-L / LAU agreement.
  • The fellowship is awarded to candidates in the first or second year of PhD.
  • At the results announcement, candidates must declare their intention to accept or decline the fellowship by an official letter addressed to the CNRS-L. In the case of decline, candidates must state the reasons behind their decision.
  • Beneficiaries of the fellowship must clearly and explicitly mention their funding program (CNRS-L/LAU) in all scientific publications and contributions related to their PhD work (articles, oral presentations, Posters, and proceedings, etc.).
  • If these restrictions are not respected, the fellowship is stopped and the candidate agrees to reimburse all the funds already received from the CNRS-L.

It should be noted that in order to obtain the CNRS-L / LAU fellowship, the candidate must be a fully devoted to his/her thesis work, and that the thesis may be prepared within a co-tutellle or co-supervision with a foreign institution.


Contents of the Application File:

1. Application file with original signatures (download)
2. Identity card (civil register-إخراج قيد فردي)
3. ID photo (صورة شمسية)
4. Curriculum Vitae; Copy of Baccalaureate & University Degrees; Transcript of Grades
5. Applicant’s Letter of Intent (attach to application)
6. Two letters of recommendation (attach to application)
7. Publications by applicant (if any; attach copies to application)
8. Doctoral admission
9. Ethical issues table (download)

The application and documents listed above must be submitted as hard copy to the office below:

Graduate Studies & Research Office
Program Officer
Graduate Studies & Research; ext. #: 2547
Byblos Campus, Block A, Room 705
Lebanese American University

Electronic version to be sent to: [email protected]

Deadline for receipt of applications is June 8, 2018.

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