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CNRS-L Grant Research Programme (GRP)

CNRS-L Grant Research Programme (GRP)


Program description                                                Reporting Documents

Beneficiaries and Priorities

The GRP award is granted to full-time professors or researchers (holding a PhD) at Lebanese universities and Lebanese research centers.


Priority is accorded by the CNRS-L to projects and research proposals that directly or indirectly impact socioeconomic development, mainly with regards to healthcare, the environment, and agricultural and industrial development, which are the priorities in Lebanon's Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy (STIP).


The main beneficiaries and partners of the GRP program are some of the best universities and research centers in Lebanon, namely the American University of Beirut (AUB), the Lebanese University, the Lebanese American University (LAU), University of Saint Joseph (USJ), Beirut Arab University (BAU), Antonine University (UA), Balamand University, and the research centers of the CNRS, and many more.

The GRP from 2010 until 2016

In 2015, out of 181 submitted proposals, 105 projects were granted the GRP award. In 2016 and for the first time since its launch, the GRP application is completed and submitted online. Researchers from all over the country submit their research proposals, which are later individually assessed by evaluators according to the topic. The CNRS appoints one or several evaluators per project proposal, and they in turn proceed to evaluate and grade the proposals. The researchers are informed at a later stage about the results.

Below is a list of reports on completed research projects grouped by year. By clicking the link, you enter a page that contains the list of works done by each researchers.


- Research projects for 2015.
- Research projects for 2014.
- Research projects for 2013.
- Research projects for 2012.
- Research projects for 2011.
- Research projects for 2010.
- Research projects for 2007, 2008, & 2009.
- Research projects for 2006.