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National Center For Remote Sensing

National Center For Remote Sensing


Established in 1995, the Remote Sensing Center (RSC) results from the wish and will to concentrate efforts and establish a leading agency on most recent insights in remote Sensing and GIS technology. Conceived as support for decision making, the RSC has proven its role as a revolving platform among various ministries.
Whether in watershed management, Forestry, urban settlements, archaeology and the environment, integrated coastal zone management, public participation, natural hazards, natural resources (water, soil, biodiversity), the Centre is securing highly needed upgraded information as well as cooperating with several development projects necessary for environmental monitoring and data acquisition in various sectors, and producing various thematic maps, training staff of various public agencies on requirements and applications of remote sensing and GIS.

Scope of work

The Remote Sensing mandate concerns:
  • The use of advanced technology to achieve needed research and studies
  • The application of Remote Sensing and GIS to produce reports and studies on land resources in Lebanon
  • The emphasis on environmental and development concerns
  • The structure of databases from satellite imagery on timely basis in different areas and disciplines and making the information available to the public and private sector
  • The development of decision support tools such as warning systems and long term observatories

Research Activities and projects

Over the past years, the Remote Sensing Center has successfully implemented more than 40 projects either through bilateral programs with France, Italy and Syria; or International programs (NOSTRUM, TERCOM, INCAM) and projects funded by international agencies such as IDRC, FAO, EU, WB/ GEF.
The projects cover the various fields of expertise of the RSC and are mostly concerned with:
Water resources, snow cover, climate change, forests, soil resources, biodiversity, protected areas, land cover and agriculture, land degradation/ desertification, urban sprawl, mass movement and natural disasters.

Contact us details

Location : Mansourieh, Metn, Lebanon
Postal Address :P.O. Box 11-8281; Riad El-Solh 1107 2260, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel :+ 961.4. 409 845 or 846
Fax :+ 961.4. 409 847
Email Address :[email protected]

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