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Remote Sensing Centre (RSC)- background

The Remote Sensing Centre (RSC) was established in 1995 and became fully operational in 1997. This came as the culmination of a focused effort to catch up with recent advances in remote sensing and GIS technology. The Centre is linked to various regional and international organizations for implementation of collaborative programmes. The Centre has proved to be an important tool for decision makers as it is supporting various activities that are essential to several ministries.
The RSC has to its credit various studies dealing with watershed and forestry management, urban settlements, archaeology and the environment, integrated coastal zone management, public participation, natural hazards, updated and new soil map of Lebanon. Furthermore, the Centre is securing highly needed upgraded information as well as cooperating with several development projects necessary for environmental monitoring and data acquisition in various sectors, and producing various thematic maps, training staff of various public agencies on requirements and applications of remote sensing and GIS.

• Use of advanced technology to achieve needed research and studies
• Implement the use of Remote Sensing and GIS to produce reports and studies on land resources in Lebanon.
• Emphasize environmental and development concerns
• Secure databases from satellite imagery on timely basis in different areas and disciplines and making the information available to the public and private sector.

• Assessment studies, maps, evaluation reports, etc. on: Resources: water, soil, biodiversity, climate change.
• Land cover, land use, suitability, productivity and yield, rural management, soil conservation; Environment: heritage monuments, land degradation/desertification, soil erosion, forestry, coastal deterioration, mass movement and natural disasters.