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CADMOS - South Maritime Archeology in Sidon and Tyre.

On August 27, 2015 in an event held under the patronage of the Minister of Culture H.E. Raymond Arayji, a Grant Offer was signed between the Honor Frost Foundation (HFF), represented by its chair, Mrs. Alison Cathie, and the Secretary General of the National Council for Scientific Research-Lebanon (CNRS-L) Dr. Mouïn Hamzé.

Funded with a budget of US$304,150 (in addition to a CNRS-L cash and in-kind contribution of US$225,800), the CADMOS-S project will support a pilot project on developing geo-physical mapping techniques, analysis, and research in the field of Maritime Archeology in the two Lebanese coastal areas: Sidon and Tyre.

The project’s main objective is the detection and mapping of areas or targets of archaeological importance in the coastal areas of Sidon and Tyre, using geo-physical means. This fieldwork survey is divided into two distinct phases: (1) a bathymetric survey, using the Multi-beam Bathymetric system equipped on the CANA-CNRS vessel for the detailed identification of the bathymetry and the detection of man-made targets and areas of possible archeological interest, and (2) a ground-trothing survey, conducted by the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), for the visual inspection of promising targets and areas identified during the Phase One.

In late 2015, the CNRS-L completed the bathymetric surveying of an identified sector off the coast of Sidon (at water depths, ranging between 15 meters and 150 meters). A similar survey began in 2016 in Tyre and is currently under operation. Data processing and analysis is also underway through a tri-partite agreement among the CNRS-L, the University of Patras, Greece, and the HFF.

Additionally, another important product of a marine geo-archaeological surveying is the palaeogeogrpahic reconstruction of coastal areas of archaeological interest (submerged ancient cities, settlements, ports, and man-made structures) as a way to better understand the history of these cities. As part of this pilot study, and through the acquisition of a Side-looking Transducer, the CNRS-L will also investigate shallower waters in the Sidon sector.