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CNRS in EU Programs


Mediterranean Innovation and Research Coordination Action (MIRA).

A Coordination Action financed by the International Cooperation (INCO) – Capacities Program of the 7th Framework Program of the European Union.


The project aims at developing a scientific and technological partnership between the European Union (EU) and the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC), by the use of dialogue platform, identifying topics of common scientific interest, promoting the creation of an Observatory of EU-MPC scientific cooperation, and promoting the development of the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space and other joint initiate with a research component such as the Horizon 2020 Program of de contamination of the Mediterranean. Moreover, it supports the functioning of the monitoring Committee for Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation in S&T (MoCo).

MIRA is a consortium of about 30 partners in 20 countries, including the National Council for Scientific Research, Lebanon (CNRS), working in 9 Work packages towards achieving the principal objectives of: (1) To develop and support the dialogue between EU-MPCs by bringing together policymakers and stakeholders from each MPC and EU Member states; (2) To create a dialogue and action platform to identify common interest in research areas, set up S&T priorities, support capacity building activities and enhance the interaction between different cooperation instruments of the EC; and (3) To promote actions in order to monitor, develop and contribute to creating synergies among the various S&T cooperation programmes between MPCs/EU and foster the participation of the MPCs in the Framework Programmes.

-WP 1: Coordination of MIRA Community of Practice.
-WP 2: Observatory of UFM COUNTRIES cooperation in S&T.
-WP 3: Capacities building in the MPC for participation in the FP, and support to the Information Points.
-WP 4: Enhancing the MPC S&T cooperation, especially within FP7.
-WP 5: Integration of initiatives and support to the action of the MoCo.
-WP 6: Awareness and dissemination activities on the EU-MPC S&T cooperation. 
-WP 7: Support to Programme Horizon 2020.
-WP 8: Towards the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space (EMIS).
-WP 9: Management of the Project.


MIRA WP2: Observatory of UFM Counties Cooperation in S&T

Leaders: Institut de Recherche Pour Le Développement (IRD) - France.
Co-Leaders: National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) - Lebanon.


The Observatory of S&T will be geared toward understanding the state of research and technological cooperation between the EU and the MPC countries. It will focus on the establishment of standard indicators for these purposes, to be used for the MoCo to support their recommendations. It will maintain a database on scientific production of the cooperation. It will engage in analysis of the dynamics of research system. The outcomes of which will feed and be fed by the other WPs of MIRA on a regular basis towards becoming a source of information on Mediterranean cooperation development. 


Task 1: Compilation and/or production of standard S&T indicators on research cooperation and innovation in the Mediterranean Area.


Task 2: Feeding of the Observatory with data and analysis of the Mediterranean countries’ participation in EU projects.


Task 3: Analysis of the Innovation data sources in the Mediterranean and technical support to Innovation surveys.


Task 4: Impact Measures & Analysis.


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