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Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research & Innovation Gateway.


The Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research & Innovation Gateway - MED-SPRING project - is a coordination and support action (FP7). The project is focused on three societal challenges (Energy, High Quality Affordable Food, and Scarcity of resources) and aims at tackling policy objectives by creating a dialogue and coordination platform of governmental institutions, research organizations, associations and civil society.


It also addresses capacity building and analysis of societal challenges to increase respectively research capacity and shared knowledge and cooperation on common areas of interest. It will support synergies and networking to strengthen joint activities and joint cooperation in EU programmes, and monitoring regional RTD cooperation and policies.


Involving 28 partners from all around the Mediterranean, MED-SPRING gathers expert voices including leading scientific communities as well as policy makers and stakeholders, bridging policy and research.


The specific objectives of the Project are: enhancing EU-MPCs co-ownership in research cooperation; creating synergies in order to reduce fragmentation of research actions; involving the civil society in the institutional dialogue on research and innovation; developing cooperation instruments to tackle societal challenges with a view to sustainability; supporting research and innovation capacity building through comprehensive training and contributing build an Euro-Mediterranean shared knowledge space in order to develop common EU-MPCs planning capacity and a sustainable regional RDT policy and cooperation. 


The principal objectives of MED-SPRING are:


  • Develop and support the dialogue between EU - MPCs by bringing together policymakers and stakeholders from each MPC and EU Member states to create a dialogue and action platform to identify common interest in research areas.
  • Set up S&T priorities.
  • Support capacity building activities and enhance the interaction between different cooperation instruments of the EC to promote actions in order to monitor, develop and contribute to creating synergies among the various S&T cooperation programmes between MPCs/EU and foster the participation of the MPCs in the Framework Programme.



Project Events:

              -  Multi Project Event (Feb 15-17, 2017)


For more information visit MEDSPRING Website.