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I- Special Events

     Soil Map of Lebanon 1/50000 

II- Scientific Projects
A- Current Projects

  1. Appropriate methodology to monitor drought using RS, climatic data and socio-economic indicators

    Principal Investigator: Dr. Talal Darwish

  2. Using satellite images to monitoring snow cover dynamics on the Lebanese Mountains

Principal Investigator: Dr. Amin Shaban

  1. Improving National Assessment and Monitoring Capacities for Integrated Environmental and Coastal ecosystem Management – INCAM

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mouin Hamzé

  1. Cartographie des forêts de conifères du côté ouest du basin versant de Beyrouth par spectométrie hyperspectrale

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mohamad Awad

  1. Building a Digital Elevation Model with ALOS-triplet for Lebanon

Principal Investigator: Dr. Chadi Abdallah

  1. Characterization of olive oil terroir related to geomorphology and soil quality parameters

Principal Investigator: Dr. Talal Darwish

  1. An unsupervised artificial neural network based segmentation method

Chercheur Principal: Dr. Mohamad Awad

  1. Analyse de la nématofaune entomopathogène au Liban et perspectives d'applications en lutte biologique dans les cedraies au Liban

Principal Investigator: Dr. Carla Khater

  1. Agriculture et paysages dans la montagne libanaise à l’Holocène: protection et gestion durable des ressources naturelles en sol et en eau (projet Nahr Ibrahim)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Talal Darwish

  1. Space Atlas of Lebanon

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ghaleb Faour

  1. Monitoring Landslides using GPS stations in Hammana area

Principal Investigator: Dr. Chadi Abdallah

  1. Caractérisation spatiale et statistique des paramètres environnementaux et anthropiques conditionnant la stabilité des terrains au Liban

Principal Investigator: Dr. Chadi Abdallah

  1. Monitoring mass movements (MM) in Lebanon using radar interferometry

Principal Investigator: Dr. Chadi Abdallah

  1. Land use/land cover map for Lebanon

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ghaleb Faour

B- Ph.D. Theses

  • Biodiversité et biogéographie des nematodes enthomopathogènes au Liban : Perspectives en lutte biologique

Chercheur Principal: Elise Noujeim

  1. Dynamiques écologiques de Abies cilicica au Liban : Paléobiogéographie et génétique. Perspectives pour la gestion des forets face aux changements globaux

Chercheur Principal: Lara Awad

III- Main Recent Publications by staff

Year 2005

Apport de la télédétection et du SIG pour la cartographie du risque d’incendies de forêts, cas d’étude Liban
Authors: Faour, G., and Bou Kheir. R.
Journal: Revue de la Télédétection. Vol. 5, n°4, pp. 359-377.

Beirut: 40 years of urban growth.
Authors: Faour, G., Haddad T., Velut S., and Verdeil E.
Journal: Revue Mappemonde, N° 79, 12 pages: mappemonde.mgm.fr/num7/articles/art05305.pdf. (French)

Effectiveness of using very high resolution imagery (IKONOS) for land use mapping.
Authors: Faour, G., and Bou Kheir. R.

Detecting major terrain parameters relating to mass movements' occurrence using GIS, remote sensing and statistical correlations, case study Lebanon.
Authors: Abdallah, C., Chorowicz, J., Bou Kheir, R., and Khawlie, M.
Journal: Remote Sensing of Environment 99 (2005) 448 – 461.

Modeling Lebanese Sea Coast Water Quality Using Telemac and GIS.
Authors: Awad, M., and Khawlie M.
ITI 6th Arab GIS Conference, Cairo, Egypt.

Salinity evolution and crop response to secondary soil salinity in two agro-climatic zones in Lebanon.
Authors: Darwish, T., Atallah, T., El Moujabber, M and Khatib, N.
Journal: Agricultural Water Management, 78 (2005): 152-164.2.

Inventory and management of Lebanese soils integrating the soil geographical database of Euro-Mediterranean countries.
Authors: Darwish, T., Jooma, I., Awad, M., Msann., J., and Aboudaher., M.
Journal: Lebanese Science Journal, 6 (2):57-70.


Year 2006

Pollutants in Qaraaoun Lake, Central Lebanon.
Authors: Shaban, A., and Nassif, N.
Journal: Environmental Hydrology, 15(11) 2007.

Regional soil erosion risk assessment in Lebanon.
Authors: Bou Kheir, R., Cerdan, O. and Abdallah, C.
Journal: Geomorphology, 82:347-359.

Caractérisation sous SIG des incendies de forêts dans la région méditerranéenne: cas d’étude Liban
Authors: Faour, G., Bou Kheir. R., and Verdeil, E.
Journal: Revue Forêt Méditerranéenne T. XXVII, n°4, pp. 339-352.

Comparative analysis of drainage networks extracted from DEMs and conventional approaches in Lebanon.
Authors: Abdallah, C., Bou Kheir, R., Khawlie, M., and Faour, G.
Journal: Lebanese Science Journal, 7(1), 49-62.

Interprétation visuelle des images satellitaires (Landsat TM, SPOT 4, IRS et IKONOS) et mouvements de masse – cas d’étude au Liban.
Authors: Abdallah, C., Khawlie, M., and Bou Kheir, R.
Journal: Photo-interprétation, 1:3-10.

Land Suitability Mapping of Lebanese Territory for Carob Trees Plantation using GIS.
Authors: Masri T., Darwish T., El Masri N., and Awad M.
Journal: Remote Sensing Journal, no. 19.

Incremental Genetic Algorithm.
Authors: Mansour N., Awad M., and El-Fakih K.
Journal: International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT), vol. 3, no. 1.

Nitrogen and water use efficiency of fertigated processing potato.
Authors: Darwish, T., Atallah, T., Hajhasan, S., and Haidar, A.
Journal: Agricultural Water Management85: 95-104.

Water balance and allocation policy to maintain sustainable agriculture in Lebanon.
Authors: Darwish, T.
MEDCOASTLAND International Conference: Managing natural resources through implementation of sustainable policies. Beirut – Lebanon.

Soil Map of Lebanon 1/50000.
Authors: Darwish T., Khawlie M., Jomaa I., Abou Daher M., Awad M., Masri T., Shaban A., Faour G., Bou Kheir R., Abdallah C. and Haddad T.
CNRS-Lebanon, Monograph Series 4, pp. 367.

Regeneration capability and economic losses after fire in Mediterranean forests – Lebanon.
Authors: Masri, T., Khater, C., Masri, N., Zeidan, C.
Journal: Lebanese Science Journal. Vol 7 (1): 37-48.


Year 2007

A post-conflict assessment to characterize the oil spill off-shore Lebanon by using ASTER images.
Authors: Shaban, A., Ghoneim, E., Hamzé, M., and El-Baz, F.
Journal: Lebanese Science Journal. Vol. 2(8) 2007.

Analyzing ASTER and Landsat 7 ETM+ images to identify geomorphologic ring structures in Lebanon.
Authors: Shaban, A.
Journal: International Journal of Remote Sensing. Vol. 29 (6)2008.

Use of Satellite images to identify marine pollution along the Lebanese coast.
Authors: Shaban, A.
Journal: Environmental Forensics Journal Vol. 2(8) 2007.

The relation between water-wells productivity and lineaments morphometry: Selected zones from Lebanon.
Authors: Shaban, A., Farouk El-Baz andKhawlie, M.
Journal: Nordic Hydrology. Vol., 38(2) 178-201.

Importance de la prise en compte du MNA dans les trois dimensions pour la cartographie du potentiel de ruissellement, application au Liban.
Authors: Bou Kheir, R., Cerdan, O., Girard, M-C., and Abdallah, C.
Journal: Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie, 51(2), 207-225.

A conditional GIS-interpolation-based model for mapping soil-water erosion processes in Lebanon.
Authors: Bou Kheir, R.
Journal: Land degradation and development, 18:1-14.

Use of terrain variables for predictive gully erosion mapping in Lebanon.
Authors: Bou Kheir, R., Wilson, J., and Deng, Y.
Journal: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 32, 1770-1782.

Atlas du Liban Territoires et sociétés
Authors: Verdeil E., Faour G., and Velut S.
IFPO/CNRS-Liban, 2007, ISBN 978-2-35159-053-9. (Book)

KARSTERO: A specified quantitative model for predicting soil-erosion process using ArcGIS Model builder, case study Lebanon.
Authors: Abdallah, C., Bou Kheir, R., and Khawlie, M.
Journal: ArcUSER, January (1), 20-26.
Satellite image analysis for mass movements' detection, case study Lebanon.
Authors: Abdallah, C., Chorowicz, J., Bou Kheir, R., and Dhont, D.
Journal: International Journal for Remote Sensing, 28:19, 1 - 20.

Contribution to the characteriszation of forest fragmentation on the Eastern flank of Mount Lebanon over 33 years.
Authors: Jomaa I., Auda Y., and Khater C.
Journal: Lebanese Science Journal, 8 (2), 59-74.

Multi-component  Image Segmentation Using Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Neural Network
Authors: Awad M., Chehdi K., and Nasri A.
Journal: IEEE Geosciences and Remote Sensing Letters , vol. 4, no. 4.

Application of restoration ecology principles to the practice of limestone quarry rehabilitation in Lebanon
Authors: Khater, C., and Martin, A.

  • Journal: Lebanese Science Journal, Vol 8 (1): 19-28.


Year 2008

KARSTERO: A specified quantitative model for predicting soil-erosion process using ArcGIS Model Builder, case study Lebanon
Authors: Abdallah, C., Bou Kheir, R., Khawlie, M., 2008
Journal: Geoconnexion, Geo: International, May 2008, 7(5), 28-30

Evaluation comparative des images IKONOS pour la cartographie de l’occupation du sol à différentes échelles – cas d’étude au Liban
Authors: Abdallah, C., & Kobeissi, A., 2008
Journal: Photo-interprétation 3, 3-14

Assessing soil erosion hazards in Mediterranean karst landscapes of Lebanon using remote sensing and GIS
Authors: Bou Kheir, R., Abdallah, C., Khawlie, M., 2008
Journal: Engineering Geology, 99, 239-254

Designing eroded landscapes in Lebanon for regional land use planning using remote sensing, GIS and decision-tree modeling
Authors: Bou Kheir, R., Abdallah, C., Runnstrom, M., Martensson, U., 2008
Journal: Landscape and Urban Planning 88 (2008) 54-63.

Soil and bedrock distribution estimated from gully form and frequency: a GIS-based decision-tree model for Lebanon
Authors: Bou Kheir, R., Chorowicz, J., Abdallah, C., Damien, D., 2008
Journal: Geomorphology, 93, 482-492.

Criteria and indicators of hydrological drought in Lebanon
Authors: Khalf, L. And Shaban, A. 2008
Journal: Algerian Journal of Technology (AJOT), Vol. 2. pp. 875-889. March 2008. Special issue on the 4’eme Conference Internationale sur les resources en Eau dans le bassin mediterraneen  (WATMED 4)

La dégradation des parcours dans deux bassins versants du Liban
Authors: Darwish T. and Faour G., 2008
Journal: Lebanese Science Journal, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 71-80

Les changements dans le littoral libanais entre 1962 et 2003
Authors: Faour G., Abi Rizk E., 2008
Journal: Revue Geo-Observateur, N° 17, pp. 95-105

Rangeland degradation in two watersheds of Lebanon
Authors: Darwish, T. and Faour, G. 2008
Journal: Lebanese Science Journal, Vol. 9, N 1: 71-80

Preliminary contamination hazard assessment of land resources in Central Bekaa Plain of Lebanon
Authors: Darwish T. M., Jomaa, I., Awad, M., and R. Boumetri, 2008
Journal: Lebanese Science Journal, Vol 9 (2):3-15.

Legumes diversity in the South bank of Nahr-Ibrahim River in Lebanon
Authors: Atallah, T., Hajj, S., Mehanna, M., Aoun, N., Darwish, T., and H. Rizk, 2008
Journal: Lebanese Science Journal, Vol 9 (2):17-26


Year 2009

Indicators and aspects of hydrological drought in Lebanon.
Authors: Shaban, A. 2009.
Journal: Water Resources Management Journal. Vol. 23: 1875-1891.

Using MODIS Images and TRMM Data to Correlate Rainfall Peaks and Water Discharges from the Lebanese Coastal Rivers.
Authors: Shaban, A., Robinson, C., El-Baz, F. 2009.
Journal: Journal of Water Resource and Protection, Vol 4: 227-236.

Characterization of oil spills along the Lebanese coast by remote sensing.
Authors: Shaban, A, Hamzé M., El-Baz, F. and Ghoneim, E. 2009
Journal: Environmental Forensics Journal, Vol. 10:51-59.

A quantitative model for predicting gully erosion risk in karstified Mediterranean environments: Lebanon case study
Authors: Abdallah C., & Bou Kheir, R., 2009
Journal: Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 64(2), 67A

Monitoring and Assessing Land Degradation Processes: Selected Methods and Case Studies
Authors: Faour G., 2009
Journal: Chapter VII, FOREST FIRE, pp. 199-222, published by GTZ and ACSAD

Web based meta-database and its role in improving water resources management in the Mediterranean basin
Authors: Awad, M., Khawlie, M., Darwish, T., 2009
Journal: Springer Water Resources Management, vol. 23, no. 13, pp. 2669

Evaluating sea water quality in the coastal zone of North Lebanon using Telemac-2Dtm
Authors: Awad, M., and Darwish, T., 2009
Journal: Lebanese Science Journal, v.10, (1): 35-44.

Caractérisation des propriétés hydrodynamiques d’un sol de la Bekaa (Liban) sur les rives du fleuve Litani
Authors: Chalhoub, M., Vachier, P., Coquet, Y., Darwish, T., Dever, L., and Mroueh M., 2009
Journal: Etude et Gestion des Sols, V. 16 (2): 67-84.


Year 2010

Lebanese agriculture and climate change.
Authors: Hamze, H., Darwich, T., Shaban, A., Khater, C., and T. Atallah, 2010
Journal: The CIHEAM Watch Letter. No.12, 2010, 4-6.

Environmental impact of quarries on natural resources in Lebanon.
Authors: Darwish, T., Khater, C., Jomaa, I., Stehouwer, R., Shaban, A., and Hamzé, M. 2010
Journal: Land Degradation and Development DOI: 10.1002/ldr.1011 .

Habitat characterization of entomopathogenic nematodes in North Lebanon
Authors: Noujeim E., Abi Nader, P., El Hayek, N.N., Darwish, T., Thaler, O., and Khater, C., 2010.
Journal: Lebanese Science Journal, Vol. 11, No. 2, 2010

Spatial distribution of blockfalls using volumetric GIS-decision-tree models.
Authors: Abdallah, C., 2010
Journal: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 12 (2010), 393-403

Using visual erosion signs to validate the application of water erosion models in Mediterranean karst environments, case study Lebanon
Authors: Bou Kheir, R., Abdallah, C., Dalgaard, T., Greve, M.H., 2010
Journal: Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie, 54(2), 27-49.

Spatial soil zinc content distribution from terrain parameters: A GIS-based decision-tree model in Lebanon
Authors: Bou Kheir, R., Greve, M., Abdallah, C., Dalgaard, T., 2010
Journal: Environmental Pollution, 158 (2010), 520-528.

Impact of Dem Reconstruction Parameters on Topographic Indices
Authors: El Hage M., Simonetto E., Faour G., Polidori L., 2010
Journal: ISPRS Technical Commission III symposium on Photogrammetric Computer Vision and Image Analysis, (Eds), IAPRS, Vol. XXXVIII, Part 3B – Saint-Mandé, France, pp. 40-44.

Segmentation of satellite images using Self-Organizing Maps
Authors: Awad, M., 2010
Journal: In Self-Organizing Maps Book. (Ed. George K. Matsopoulos), ISBN: 978-953-307-074-2, IN-TECH, April 2010, pp. 249-260.

An unsupervised Artificial Neural Network method for satellite image segmentation
Authors: Awad, M. 2010
Journal: International Arabic Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT), vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 199-205.

Cedrus Cedrus libani (A. Rich) distribution in Lebanon: past, present and future.
Authors: Hajar, L., François, L., Khater, C., Jomaa, I., Déqué, M., Cheddadi, R. 2010.
Journal: Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences. Doi: 10.1016/j.crvi.2010.05.003

Geothermal water in Lebanon: an alternative energy source
Authors: Shaban, A., 2010
Journal: Low Carbon Economy. 1, 18-24

Support of Space Techniques for Groundwater Exploration in Lebanon
Authors: Shaban, A., 2010
Journal: Journal of Water Resource and Protection, Vol. 5: 354-368


Year 2011

Analyzing climatic and hydrologic trends in Lebanon
Authors: Shaban, A., 2011
Journal: Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, No.4, Vol. 5, 2001

The role of sinkholes in groundwater recharge in mountain crests of Lebanon
Authors: Shaban, A. and Darwich, T., 2011
Journal: Environmental Hydrology Journal, 3 (19):2011

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