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"Illustrated Flora of Lebanon - 2nd Edition"
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"Atlas du Liban, Territoires et société"
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CNRS Research Excellence Award - 2014

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إطلاق جائزة المجلس السنوية للباحثين العلميين المتميّزين للعام 2014

تقديراً منه للباحثين العلميين في لبنان الذين قاموا بانجازات في مجال اختصاصهم، وسعياً منه لخلق مبادرات تعزّز الامتياز والابتكار والتحفيز في إطار بيئة حاضنة للبحث العلمي في لبنان، يعلن الأمين العام للمجلس الوطني للبحوث العلمية عن إطلاق جائزة المجلس للباحثين المتميزين للعام 2014.


الإعلان الكامل واستمارة الترشيح متوفرين على الروابط التالية:

الإعلان الكامل (عربي)

الإعلان الكامل (إنكليزي)

استمارة الترشيح (Word)



كما ترسل ملفات الترشيح إلى العنوان الالكتروني: خلال الفترة الممتدة من 17 نيسان حتى 6 حزيران 2014




CNRS Research Excellence Award - 2014

To recognize scientists who excelled in conducting research in different scientific disciplines in Lebanon, and as part of its policy to reinforce scientific research and innovation and to direct research to respond to the national needs, the National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) announces the launching of the annual research excellence award 2014.

The announcement and the application form are available on the following links:

►Announcement (Arabic)

Announcement (English)

►Application (Word)



Applications can be sent to the following address form April 17 - June 6, 2014



"Illustrated Flora of Lebanon - 2nd Edition"

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To order your copy:

If you need a copy, you can get it from :

National Council for Scientific Research
59, Zahia Salmane Street
National Council for Scientific Research bdg
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: 961 1 840 260 Ext. 518

Fax: 961 1 822 639

Librairie du Liban
Sayegh Bldg. Zouk Mosbeh
Kesrouwan, Lebanon
Tel: 961 9 217 735 / 961 9 217 944/5/6

Commander une copie:

Pour avoir une copie, veuillez vous adresser au:

Conseil National de la Recherche Scientifique
59, rue Zahia Salmane
Immeuble du Conseil National de la Recherche Scientifique
Beyrouth, Liban
Tel: 961 1 840 260 Ext. 518

Fax: 961 1 822 639

Librairie du Liban
Immeuble Sayegh
Zouk Mosbeh
Kesrouwan, Liban
Tel: 961 9 217 735 / 961 9 217 944/5/6




MED-Dialogue: H2020 ICT Awareness and Training Event

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With over 50 delegates from different Lebanese universities, institutions, organizations, Small and Medium Enterprises and ministries, the MED-Dialogue First H2020 ICT Awareness and Training Event was hosted by the National Council for Scientific Research, CNRS at Crown Plaza Hotel on March 21-22, 2014. The event was organized within the framework of the FP7 MED-Dialogue project and aimed at explaining the Horizon 2020 Programme. The two-day event consisted of two different sessions: 1) a technology and scientific session, focusing on the ICT-related topics across H2020, and 2) a proposal writing and discussion concrete proposal ideas brought forward by the participants.

On behalf of Prof. Mouin Hamze, Secretary General of CNRS, Prof. Ahmad Nasri, member of the board of directors, welcomed the audience indicating the importance of this event and the role of CNRS in facilitating the establishment of a network of researchers between EU the MPC through the various projects it is involved in. He also gave a brief overview of the current venues that CNRS is following to boost the research efforts in Lebanon through funding research projects or Associated Research Units, the Ph.D. scholarship program and the collaboration with its various research centers.

In order to further consolidate the scientific cooperation between the European Commission and Lebanon within the frame of EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, CNRS appointed a National Contact Point in various domains from various Universities and industrial institutions in Lebanon. Coordinated by Prof. Mouin Hamze, the NCP Network is here to help and looks forward to playing an active role towards significantly increasing benefits of Lebanese researchers and institutions within the EU Programs; through establishing and providing support services (Advise, Training and Dissemination) and regular updates of all new developments within Horizon 2020.

The MED-Dialogue project aims to support the dialogue between the European Commission and its strategic partner countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco) and to foster closer cooperation with organizations from these countries especially in the framework of H2020 collaborative research projects. For more information about MED-Dialogue project, please visit project website ( or CNRS website (


Best Sustainable Development Practices on Food Security” (BSDP)

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Did you develop an idea with positive impact on food security?


Would you like to disclose it to the eyes of EXPO Milano 2015?

Apply to:



International Call for Best Sustainable Development Practices on food security




BEFORE 15TH September 2014



An international call to create network around the excellences in research: it’s “Best Sustainable Development Practices on Food Security” (BSDP). The initiative is coordinated by Feeding Knowledge programme for Expo2015. The deadline for the Proposals submission has been postponed to September 15th, 2014.

Join it


The National Council for Scientific Research in Lebanon is assigned by Expo Milan 2015 to be the Local Point contact. To increase your chance in selection, CNRS encourages you to submit a draft application for further discussion with CNRS advisors, to make sure that the application meets all the established criteria for BSDPs.

For more information you are kindly requested to contact:

Dr. Khaled Makkouk (,


Mrs. Hala Harfouche (



CNRS-Lebanon Welcomes President of CNR-Italy

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With the aim of further enhancing the international collaboration between Lebanese and Italian Researchers, the National Council for Scientific Research – Lebanon (CNRS-L), represented by Prof. Mouin Hamze, Secreatry General of the CNRS-L and with the continued support of the Italian Embassy in Beirut, represented by First Secretary, Ms. Palma D’Ambrosio; it was an honor to welcome to Lebanon (March 27, 2014) the President of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR-Italy), Prof. Luigi Nicolais – accompanied by Prof. Enrico Brugnoli, Director of the Department of Earth System Science and Environmental Technologies of the CNR.


As an invited main speaker to the 20th LAAS International Science Conference: New Frontiers in Sciences (Lebanese University- Hadath), Prof. Nicolais gave a presentation entitled: “Research & Higher Education: Policy, Cooperation and the Impact of Research in the Knowledge Economy” in which he outlines the importance of collaborations in research and innovation; stressing that common global challenges require a collaborative research approach.



President Nicolais then made a stop to visit the CANA-CNRS Research Vessel, which included a tour of the vessel and presentations by each of the Directors of the CNRS National Centre for Marine Research (Gaby Khalaf) and the National Centre for Geophysical Research (Alexandre Sursock); who highlighted the main research activities of the Vessel and various equipments (Rosette, Multi Beam, CTD, and ROV) rendering the CANA Research Vessel a unique tool for Marine Research in the East Mediterranean basin.


Following the Visit of the Research Vessel, the delegations proceeded to the premises of the CNRS-L (Jnah), and in the presence of the President of the CNRS Board of Administrators, Dr. George Tohme; signed two agreements for:

(1) An amendment to the CNR-CNRS collaborative programme for joint funding of collaborative Lebanese-Italian research projects in the fields of: Marine Sciences and Biodiversity, Management of Natural Resources, Renewable Energy, Food Security, Archeology & Water.

(2) A Memorandum of Understanding for the twinning of CANA-CNRS Research Vessel and the CNR URANIA Research Vessel towards: providing technical support and assistance for the sustainability of CANA; building capacity of Lebanese Researchers, Managers and Crew; and furthering collaborations in the fields of Marine Geophyiscs, Oceonography, & Fisheries.


This is the second visit of President Nicolais to Lebanon, a testament to the important collaboration between Italian and Lebanese Research institutes. In the future, we hope to continue developing our cooperative programmes for the mutual benefit of our research communities.

Al-Nahar News Item (April 1, 2014)




Lancement du 18ème Appel d'Offre du Programme CEDRE - 2015

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Cher(e)s Collègues:


Je vous annonce le 18ème appel d'offre du programme CEDRE.

Pour plus d'information, veuillez trouver le lien sur le site web du CNRS-L:, ou consulter le site web de Campus France:


- Date limite d’envoi des dossiers : 30 avril 2014

- Diffusion des résultats : décembre 2014

- Début des projets : janvier 2015


ATTENTION : Cette année le dépôt de candidature sera commun aux partenaires français et libanais. Il se fera uniquement de manière dématérialisée sur le site de Campus France suivant les modalités de saisie en ligne  Pour ce faire, le partenaire français ouvrira le compte et transmettra  ensuite le mot de passe à son partenaire libanais pour que celui-ci instruise les éléments du dossier de candidature qui le concernent. Une signature du responsable administratif de l’établissement libanais  (Recteur) devra figurer sur la  première page du formulaire de candidature. Une fois signée, cette page devra être annexée au dossier de candidature déposé en ligne sur le  compte ouvert par le porteur français.



Secrétaire Général.


إنجازات بحثية جديدة للمجلس في إطار النشر العلمي العالمي

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استطاع المجلس الوطني للبحوث العلمية تحقيق إنجازات مميّزة في المساهمة بنشر نتائج الأبحاث العلمية ليس فقط في لبنان وإنما في مختلف أنحاء العالم. و قد لاقت هذه النتائج الكثير من الإهتمام وبعضها ابتدع أفكارا جديدة سبّاقة في بعض هذه العلوم التي لاقت استحساناً واهتماماً من المجتمعات العلمية في العالم.

من هذه الأبحاث المنشورة مقال بعنوان "تجزئة الصور الملتقطة من الأقمار الصناعية بواسطة الخرائط الذاتية التنظيم". “Segmentation of Satellite Images Using Self- Organizing Maps” .


والتي تمّ نشرها بواسطة دار النشر InTech في كتاب Self-Organizing Maps حيث تجاوز عدد النسخ المحمّلة من موقع هذا الكتاب 7000 نسخة أغلبها من الولايات المتحدة الأميركية، الصين، اليابان، المانيا، الهند كما يظهره الرسم البياني التالي:




الرسم البياني اعلاه يوضح حصة الـتحميل بحسب البلد. مرة أخرى، يمثل الرسم الدول ال 5 الأعلى عددياً في الحصول على البحث.



المقالة العلمية كتبها الباحث في المجلس الوطني للبحوث العلمية الدكتور محمد عواض وهي واحدة من المقالات نتاج مشروع ممول من المجلس نفسه. المقالة تشرح طريقة جديدة في تجزئة صور الاستشعار عن بعد المتعددة المكونات (مساحية، طيفية...الخ) بطريقة غير موجهة وبدون حساب او معرفة للمتغيرات الأحصائية. يساعد هذا الانجاز في تخطي أي تأثير لوجود الضجيج في الصورة ويساعد على أنتاج خرائط غرضية ذات دقة عالية مقارنة مع الوسائل التجارية المعتمدة حاليا.

يمكن الحصول على المقال ومعلومات أحصائية أخرى من موقع الناشر :



Horizon 2020 – The EU Framework Programme

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Cooperation Opportunities for Lebanese Researchers


“Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020)”

Horizon 2020, the New Framework Programme of the EU was launched in December, 2013.  It provides some interesting opportunities for collaborations between Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs) – including Lebanon, and EU Counterparts.

The Programme, which notes that International cooperation is crucial to address many Horizon 2020 objectives is based on the principle of general openness: “the programme will remain to be the most open funding programme in the world”

As part of the MEDSPRING Project on “Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research and Innovation Gateway," a Stocktaking of cooperation opportunities in H2020 1st Work Programme was undertaken, which highlights some relevant calls for MPCs (based on Direct/Indirect Geographical Relevance, International Cooperation and Thematic Priorities).

The stocktaking exercise covers the following four Societal Challenges of H2020:

• Energy (


• Food (


• Health (


• Inclusive Societies (



Other Useful Links:

Horizon 2020 Website (

Participant Portal (

MEDSPRING Project Website (




National Contact Points – Lebanon


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