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CNRS-L Annual Research Excellence Award

To recognize scientists who excelled in conducting research in different scientific disciplines in Lebanon, and as part of its policy to reinforce scientific research and innovation and to direct that research to respond to the needs of the country, the National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) has established an annual award for research excellence for each of the following disciplines: engineering and basic sciences, medical, biological and public health sciences, agricultural and environmental sciences, and human and social sciences. Every year, a specialized theme within each of these four disciplines is selected.

Eligibility: Scientists who conducted research in any of the research or academic institutions in Lebanon with continued residence for five years immediately prior to their nomination. Priority will be given to scientists who received research grants from CNRS. Scientists who received any of the CNRS awards during the past three years are not eligible.

Nomination: Scientists can be nominated by their institution, their colleagues or self-nominated.

The award: ;Award winners will receive a certificate of research excellence in addition to a check for six million Lebanese pounds.

Nomination file:The nomination file includes: (1) nomination letter from the candidate or his institution or from a colleague, (2) completed application form which is available on the CNRS website (www.cnrs.edu.lb) and it includes all the details on how to complete it, (3) publication list of the candidate covering the last ten years period (references should be cited according to international bibliographical rules and should be arranged in separate sections for articles, books, proceedings, abstracts for oral presentations, abstracts for posters, review articles and technical reports).

Evaluation: Candidates files will be reviewed by specialized scientific committees that will consider internationally accepted indicators for research excellence, in terms of quality and importance in serving societal needs.

Candidates are evaluated in two stages :
  • First stage: Elimination of candidates whose scientific output are outside the specialties for the concerned year.
  • Second stage: Scientific output of the candidates that were not eliminated in the first stage will be evaluated based on quality and by using international scientific research indicators such as Web of Science Quartile value, h-index, Journal impact factors…etc.

Applications can be sent to the following address [email protected]

Award winners announcement: The name of the winners of the CNRS Award of Research Excellence is usually announced during a special ceremony organized by the CNRS.

  • Medical & public health
  • Social & Human sciences
  • Agricultural & Environmental
  • Basic & Engineering