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L.I.R.A Innovation Program 2024


CNRS-L, as board member of IRALEB, is sharing the launching of the L.I.R.A innovation program 2024 under the EU funded Lebanon innovate.


This IRALEB initiative is designed to provide robust support for academic researchers and talented students, prioritizing applied research projects that offer concrete industrial applications across various sectors such as agri-food, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ICT, and creative industries). By participating in the L.I.R.A Innovation Program 2024, you stand to benefit from financial support, capacity-building training, acceleration, incubation, access to EU networks, and matchmaking opportunities with international partners.


In this program, two distinct tracks tailored to meet your project objectives are presented:

Track 1: Commercially Viable Innovations: 

Funded under Lebanon Innovate, it offers financial support of €50,000 designated for 5 to 7 innovators engaged in creating innovative startups or spinoffs.

Track 2: Industrial Innovative Challenges: 

Developed in collaboration with industrialists to address innovative challenges, focusing on enhancing existing products, upgrading production lines, or developing entirely new production lines. This track entails co-funding from IRALEB and additional support from your industrial partner, amounting to €15,000 for three high-caliber projects. 

The application should be submitted online from February 10 to the deadline on February 29, 2024. 


For detailed information on the L.I.R.A application process, eligibility, and criteria:

- Visit the IRALEB website at www.iraleb.org
- Watch the teaser https://rb.gy/fjo3fi
- Consult the applicant guide and review the call for applications