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Calls for Proposals by CNRS

The Grant Research Programme, call for proposals 2017-2018


The call is exclusively open for Balamand researchers (Deadline December 15, 2017).


All Proposals must be submitted online by the Project Coordinator.

*             Joint GRP- General guidelines (applicable for researcher affiliated to UL, AUB, USJ, USEK, Balamand, NDU, Antonine and LAU)

*             GRP- General guidelines (applicable for other researchers)

*             Charter of Ethics (English, Arabic)

*             Priorities

*             Priorities (Applicable Exclusively for Antonine University)

*             GRP- Application content

*             Guidelines for Requesting fund (USJ, AUB, USEK and UL)

*             Guidelines for Requesting fund (NDU, and Balamand)

*             Guidelines for Requesting fund (LAU)

*             Guidelines for Requesting fund (Université Antonine)

*             Online submission (https://grp.cnrs.edu.lb)


For technical problem, kindly send an email to: support@cnrs.edu.lb

For more information, please send an email to: grp@cnrs.edu.lb