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A new book has been lunched by CNRS-L on “Shared Water Resources of Lebanon” in August 2017. The book discusses the crucial issue of shared water between Lebanon and the neighbouring countries. It highlights the principles of Lebanon’s water resources with new numeric measures. Thus, the fundamental hydrologic aspects of sharing water, including quantitative measures and the spatial extent of these resources are illustrated.
The book, with 9 chapters and 170 pages, is published with Nova Science Publisher, New York. It includes new findings with a spectrum of maps and illustrations showing surface and groundwater flow from/into Lebanon and the quota of each country from this water. It will give the full idea about this part of water resources in Lebanon which is neither well managed nor invested.
The Editors of the book, Dr Amin Shaban and Dr Mouin Hamzé, dedicated this book to the Lebanese society including academics, researchers, stakeholders and decision makers.

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2- Book is available on: Nova Science publisher New York