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LAAS Conference

4/7/2017 5:00:00 AM

The LAAS’s International Scientific Conference is an annual conference that will be held this
year at the Faculty of Sciences at the Lebanese University in the Rafic Hariri Campus –
Hadath in collaboration with the National Council for Scientific Research.
The LAAS’s International Scientific Conference is a forum for researchers and a platform of
meeting between the enterprises and universities, allowing them to present and discuss the
results of their research in all sciences and in various fields of science.


The research axes of the conference are:


  • Biological, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences
  • Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry and Physics
  • Environment, Food Security and Agriculture
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Social and Human Sciences
  • Economics and Management
  • Education Sciences, Ethics of Scientific Research
  • Arts and World Vision
  • Relations: State, Enterprises, Universities.

Lebanese and foreign researchers are invited to participate in this conference by submitting
summaries of their research for possible oral presentation or poster or display, in the
conference program. In addition to presentations of research in the major already mentioned,
this 23rd International Scientific Conference encourages addressing national and international
issues, such as the transfer and assessment of new technologies, the inter-university
cooperation, the university-industry cooperation and the education and research experiences
on the innovative technologies.


Download the LAAS conference booklet (Francais/Englais)


For more information visit LAAS website.