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Grant Research Program 2016

Grant Research Program 2016

In its efforts to encourage research in Lebanon, the CNRS-L established programs designed to offer grants both for specific projects carried out by individuals, and for multidisciplinary projects focusing on a definite scientific discipline.

Download the Grant Research Programme 2016 regulations and priorities (1 PDF file)
, after preparing visit the following page during the call's active period in order to apply online:

Online Call for applications for Individual Research Projects and Associated Research Units .


Templates for periodic and final report (scientific and financial):
3.1 Individual Research Project & Associated Research Unit .
3.1.1 Progress report template
3.1.2 Final report template
3.1.3 Financial report (periodic and final)


Below is a list of reports on completed research projects grouped by year. By clicking the link, you enter a page that contains the list of works done by each researchers.

- Research projects for 2015.
- Research projects for 2014.
- Research projects for 2013.
- Research projects for 2012.
- Research projects for 2011.
- Research projects for 2010.
- Research projects for 2007, 2008, & 2009.
- Research projects for 2006.